Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boy Scouts Project

Boy Scouts Project

   A week ago, one of the troops approach me and asked to do a special project on the archery range so that he may earn his eagle. He is responsible for heading up the project and making sure it is done in a timely manner so that he may earn the highest level in his troop. The job should be completed by the weekend of October 20th. We will have many more renovations over the next year for others needing the same project.

   The troops goal is to build a 10 foot platform (tree stand) that will accommodate two people at once. The platform is a 5X8 area and is held up by five 6X6 post with steps leading off the back side.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Renovation Pictures

Renovation Project

   As many hunters already know, the Poole Knobs Archery Range is under major renovation. Here, we will post a few pictures of progress we have made. Our facebook page at TNHunting is loaded with updates and pics. This is a project that will take months to complete, so please be patient and enjoy deer season and send us your hunting pics.

Poole Knob Archery Range Fundraiser

   Still needing several items for the cook out. If you can bring something, please click on comments below to view the list and put your name down. Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012-13 Renovations

2012-13 Renovation Accomplishments

   In September 2012, we took it upon ourselves to renovate the Poole Knobs Archery Range and bring it back the way it used to be years ago and make it even better. The groups in charge of the area are non-profit organizations and solely operate on donations and volunteers to come out and lend a helping hand. Now that deer season is here, it will be a slow process over the next 3-4 months, but we have already made great progress and thank you for your support. 

   Please check our schedule for volunteers on maintenance days, we could use all the help we can get. Any donations should be directed to 615-678-9242.

9-10-12 Accomplishments
1. Grass cut

9-16-12 Accomplishments 
1. Grass cut and trimmed. 
2. Weed Killer sprayed.
3. Trash picked up
4. Concrete slab washed
5. Blocks removed in practice range for easier maintenance.
6. 4X4 counter sunk in the ground in practice range to stand behind while shooting.

9-22-12 Accomplishments 
1. New bridge started, 4X4 concreted in the ground.

9-30-12 Maintenance Work 
This is our next work day. Need a few volunteers. Will be cutting grass and finishing up the bridge.
Bridge 90% complete. Cordless power tools ran out of juice on us.

10-6-12 Volunteer Work Day 
Volunteers needed to help finish rails on bridge. Also help need to set post in the ground for stand.

10-20-12 Volunteer Work Day
Will be framing the stand.

10-21-12 Fundraiser
Grill out and games. Come and see us from 12pm - 5PM


Our Mission with the Pool knob Archery Range

                               1. Provide a Clean & Safe environment for Public Use
                               2. Promote Youth Hunting & Activities
                               3. To Honor the Memory of Mrs. Nancy

   The archery range is actually owned by the U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers and is backed by the TWRA. The range is also headed by one of the local archery clubs that holds 8-10 events per year. Then their is us, a group of volunteers that have dedicated our free time to provide an environment for public use and is backed by Wetland Outfitters.

   After the archery club puts out their schedule for the year, we then try to schedule some events for the youth to help promote fishing and hunting and keep all our kids involved in the outdoors. The local girl scouts have also been known to give a free hand from time to time.

   I have personally been hunting since I was twelve years old and now 30 years have passed. When I was a teenager, a young lady that worked at a local archery shop in Lavergne got me involved in bow hunting. Mrs. Nancy was loved by many and played a major role in the Pool Knob Archery Range. Or commitment is to bring it back and even better in her Loving Memory.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poole Knob Archery Range

Poole Knob Archery Range 

   Poole Knob Archery Range is located in Lavergne, TN and is off of Jones Mill Rd next to the Pool Knob Recreation Area and boat ramp. Poole Knobs Archery Trail is nearly a 1/4 of a mile long and is designed with targets in the woods for archery practice and pre-scheduled group shoots. There is a small shelter with picnic table and some archery targets at the entrance of the trail for some practice shooting before entering the woods.

This area is designated for Archery Equipment Only 

For more info contact: 
Wetland Outfitters