Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Our Mission with the Pool knob Archery Range

                               1. Provide a Clean & Safe environment for Public Use
                               2. Promote Youth Hunting & Activities
                               3. To Honor the Memory of Mrs. Nancy

   The archery range is actually owned by the U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers and is backed by the TWRA. The range is also headed by one of the local archery clubs that holds 8-10 events per year. Then their is us, a group of volunteers that have dedicated our free time to provide an environment for public use and is backed by Wetland Outfitters.

   After the archery club puts out their schedule for the year, we then try to schedule some events for the youth to help promote fishing and hunting and keep all our kids involved in the outdoors. The local girl scouts have also been known to give a free hand from time to time.

   I have personally been hunting since I was twelve years old and now 30 years have passed. When I was a teenager, a young lady that worked at a local archery shop in Lavergne got me involved in bow hunting. Mrs. Nancy was loved by many and played a major role in the Pool Knob Archery Range. Or commitment is to bring it back and even better in her Loving Memory.

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