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   The Poole Knobs Archery Range is owned by the U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers and is supported and maintained  by two non-profit organizations. They spend many of hours volunteering their free time and labor to establish a unique environment for hunters and the general public to use at no charge.

   Their are two main guys that are head over the range and are responsible for laying the ground work and keeping a clean and safe environment for general public use. As a non-profit group, even these two guys need supporters in order to keep the archery range in great shape. With your support, the group will gladly list you here as a sponsor, on TN Hunting on Facebook and out at the range. You may contact either of these guys to become a sponsor and we thank you for supporting the Poole Knobs Archery Range.

John Marshall 615-678-9242

Items still needed for upcoming projects.
Treated Lumber (all sorts)
screws / nails
tin roof material

Items already donated.
50% of lumber for Bridge(job complete)
Lumber for one tree stand(In Process)
40 Pallets

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