Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feb 20th Archery Shoot Results

Results from our last shoot. Made this out and forgot to hit publish. Thanks to everyone coming out and hope to see everyone on the March 19th shoot.

ASA Class
Chance Beaubouef n/a
Kelsey Primm n/a

Pro Class
1st Max Baker 186 (won shoot off)
2nd Matthew Baker 186

Hunter Class
1st Wesley Arnold 236
2nd Justin Langford 212
3rd Chris Sutton 209
4th Andrew Costa 202
5th Matt Biggs 200
6th Matt Carver 181
7th Doug Biggs 169
8th Paul Morgan 158
9th Scott Morgan 107

Beginner Class
Jonathan Gardner 156

Traditional Class
Tyler Marshall 80
John Marshall n/a

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